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Brenda Fernández and Katy Fernández are the essence of Dream Weddings Mexico and along with their staff they offer all the experience, enthusiasm and aesthetic excellence that you may need to turn your ideas and inspirations into reality. Anyone can rave about how Katy and Brenda create dazzling scenes, each in a personalized way and always creating memories that will last a lifetime. They are experts in designing, planning, organizing and coordinating weddings on the beach. [/column2_last] Katy Fernández, BA in Communication Sciences with a major in organizational development, endowed with incredible creativity, meticulous attention to detail and certified in floral design, has an exceptional ability to transform customer visions into reality and capture the essence of the couple to make it a unique celebration. Swimming, baking and gardening are her greatest hobbies, besides being faithful passionate about baseball, football and boxing. Brenda Fernández, BA in International Business, combines her passions for wine, flowers and travel, and a brilliant ability to help couples to define their dreams, certified by The Wedding Planning Institute she will guide you through all the steps to make your wedding a beautiful expression of your relationship. It is also an expert in working with a wide range of cultures and couples from diverse backgrounds. In his spare time enjoys playing golf and diving.