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Wedding in Cancun: The Bride’s Bouquet

There is an enormous amount of historic and emotional significance attached to a wedding bouquet. In ancient times, brides carried chaffs of wheat to invoke fertility and celebrate the joy of marriage. Brides today no longer adhere to this tradition, floral bouquets still embody the beauty and symbolism of this wedding in cancun ritual.

Here are some facts to have in mind:

  • Any decision regarding the gown or the decoration should be immediately shared with the florist or party designer.
  • If an extravagant wedding gown is not a financial consideration, an extraordinary bouquet can serve to enhance a plain dress.
  • If a dress is elaborate, the bouquet should be simple.
  • As the bride’s choice of flowers may not be seasonal, and thus expensive or impossible to procure, alert the florist as soon possible.
  • A bad bouquet will undermine the most tasteful gown, while excess ribbons, ties and doilies can diminish even the most extraordinary flowers.
  • A bit of the bride’s dress fabric can be used to decorate the bouquet.
  • If the bride’s hands are otherwise occupied, as in a Jewish wedding ceremony, one of the young attendants can carry her bouquet.
  • An enormous bouquet always looks disproportionate on a small bride.
  • For many daytime weddings, a fancy bouquet could detract from the elegance of the bride’s attire.
  • For varied texture and proportion, certain species of small buds, such as freesia, lilies of the valley or baby’s breath, can provide a delicate alternative to a nosegay.
  • A bouquet of some unexpected color, such as deep orange, black-red or purple, personalizes a traditional white wedding gown.
  • For more daring brides, an unusual lip color could be coordinated with that of the bouquet.
  • Bouquets look strange when the stems are completely enclosed, so the tips should always be visible.
  • All stems should be tapered so that the bride is not holding the equivalent of a tree trunk.
  • If real flowers are to be worn in the hair or pinned to the back of the train, beware of pistils or petals that stain.
  • Allergies should always be a consideration.
  • If the bride intends to toss the bouquet, a second one should be made for just that purpose.

Best of luck choosing your bouquet!!


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